This is How it All Started

Chef Odette was happily working as an assistant professor in hospitality and culinary arts. Chef Chaz was creating a successful catering company...

They had known each other and worked together for 12 years. Neither of them really ever thought about opening a restaurant. Over the course of a few months Chef Odette had started to get a feeling that there was something happening at work that would affect her job in a negative way. She started to believe that her job could be at stake. Chef Chaz was starting to rethink his future as well, he wanted to make a move from freelance catering to owning a place where he could base his business and expand.

One day the two got together for lunch, Chaz told Odette that he had been looking at a few places in the area and that he hadn’t found anything that would work for him. He said that he had a couple new leads and would like for Odette to join him on his tours. The first place that they went was horrible with a capital H. It was a small sandwich shop that must have flown under the health department’s radar for quite a long time. There wasn’t even a usable toilet for customers, and they both made the mistake of eating there before they took the tour that revealed a three story petri dish of funk and nastiness. The place would have needed a complete gutting, and the owner wanted $450,000.00!!!

A few days later the chefs visited a location that had not even been listed yet. Thanks to their broker they were the first through the door of Toast. Little did they know it would soon become Chaz & Odette?

A few days later they scheduled a second meeting with their broker to discuss the business. That same day there was an emergency faculty meeting at Chef Odette’s job. At that meeting the administrators explained that there would be a big layoff of the faculty, especially in the Culinary Department. Where they wanted 6 of the 8 professors to take a buyout. Chef Odette says to herself she's too old to be able to get a great job in culinary and too young to retire. So, being an optimist she saw the timing as a sign from the restaurant gods. She was in on the deal, and Chaz was glad to have his new partner.