Meet Chef Odette

Chef Odette has been in the local food scene for decades.

This international gold medal winner started out as many chefs have, washing dishes in a local restaurant as a teen. That is where her love for the industry started to develop. She worked in many of the finer restaurants and hotels in the Pittsburgh area, as well as being the Private Chef to the Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh.

Her education in Culinary Arts began with a three year apprenticeship with the American Culinary Federation. She received her undergrad degree in Vocational Education from the University of Pittsburgh, and her Master’s in Education and Curriculum Development from Penn State.

She has most recently been an Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts and Hospitality at a local Art School. While there she developed much of the curriculum and many of the courses, she also helped to guide the education of many of the Chefs of Pittsburgh. Her students have kept her current in the restaurant scene of Pittsburgh and her travels have provided her with experiences and flavors from Europe, the Mediterranean, and China.