This weekend we had a flatbread crust cook off!

In our continuing search for the best that we can serve we held a competition between the day and the evening crew.

Each of the cooks brought their raw doughs in to be cooked in the stone oven, so that we could have an authentic taste and texture.

Jeremy Zimmer brought in two doughs (hedging his odds) and Jake Steward joined him in the competition. We thought that there might be a bit of competitive bravado, but they both bonded in front of the oven. Men, Fire, Friendship!

All of the challengers were great, each one brought something different to the table (ha ha). Some were best thin, others thick, some got great bubbles and others stayed flat. We tried them plain, with just olive oil and with toppings. Each was best in one category or the other.

Our “professional” tasting judges, CMU students, had a very difficult job, but they managed to narrow the field to just one. The winner is Jeremy’s sour dough!!!!! This dough has a long pedigree, the sour starter was started over two years ago by Jeremy and a couple of his classmates for a school project. The dough was named George, because they spoke of it as if it were a child. Who had fed it? How much it had grown? Who had custody for the weekend? They referenced the comedy skit “I will love him and hug him and call him George”.

Chaz & Odette will now be the proud adoptive parents of George. We hope that our customers will love him as much as we do.